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International Partner Organizations

Highlighted VFP Partner Organizations

With over 2600 international voluntary service projects available throughout the world, it can be difficult to find the perfect project for you. Many countries have multiple partners and hundreds of programs each year. Take a look at our highlighted partners, their webpages, search our Volunteer Project List, and register through Volunteers For Peace to participate in one (or more!) of these amazing opportunities. 


Hosting over 200 local and international volunteers each year, Compagnons Batisseurs Belgium develops workcamps on the basis of communal solidarity, tolerance, and respect. Many projects involve working alongside handicapped individuals, helping to facilitate their involvement and integration into the local community.



This year, UNAREC France celebrates its 50th Anniversary! As an organization, UNAREC strives to mobilize local and international volunteers towards the end of promoting and developing practices of social, environmental, and political sustainability.


Begun following the destruction of WWII, IJGD Germany has a long history of running workcamps in close connection with local German communities. Their projects specialize in bringing together the youth of different countries, in order to work towards greater international solidarity and understanding.



Based in Athens, Citizens in Action (C.i.A.) Greece emphasizes non-formal education through workcamps involving environmental and renovation work, as well as intercultural exchange. Due to the state of the Greek economy, each workcamp has a small extra fee (to be paid upon arrival), which supplements costs covering health insurance on the project site.


Icelandisa top destination, for its stunning naturallandscape and the range of projects offered by  SEEDS Iceland. Projectsrange from working at a film festival, to cleaning up areasofcoastline and other environmentally significant locations. SEEDS has hosted over 3,000 volunteers since it was founded in 2005.


Explore the rich cultural networks of India through a short or long-term project with FSL India. Work with local NGOs to educate children and the community about health, social issues and the environment, help renovate schools for the local children, or aid in the upkeep of environmental sites.



Lunaria Italy, founded in 1992, carries out research, information, training and actions on social economy, immigration, globalization, youth  and seniors  programmes and voluntary service. The purpose of their work is to bring together understanding and action; social rights and voluntary activities; the local and the global. Lunaria organizes workcamps all around Italy, in partnership with local groups, associations, municipalities and other bodies. 


Founded in 1990, NICE Japan acts as the vice-president of the CCIVS (Coordinating Committeee for International Voluntary Service) under UNESCO. Its projects have played a vital role in the restoration process in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima meltdown.



CIVS Kenya emphasizes that volunteers should not simply bring aid, but instead share their experience and skills with members of the local communities. With its short and long-term placements, CIVS strives to empower community leaders through education and projects that encourage self-development of individuals, groups and organizations within Kenya.



This year, Vive Mexico is happy to announce its first batch of workcamps with no extra fee! Vive also offers wonderful opportunities for volunteers to aclamate to the language and culture in Mexico through their pre-camp Spanish and cultural course program, "In Our Hands". Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities and resources offered by Vive Mexico, and participate in one of their 32 international workcamps this summer.



Begun in 1991, Friendship Foundation Nepal coordinates efforts to help introduce the people and culture of Nepal to a broader global communities. Opportunities include short-term and long-term placements, many of which involve education or environmental work.



De Amicitia Spain is comprised of a group of environmental lawyers who work to empower local NGOs concerned with environmental preservation. To complement this more formal, legal work, the organization runs workcamps involved in similar environmental actions.


Founded in 2003, Sodrujestvo Russia is an international voluntary service organization whose projects are  based on the philosophy of 'Deeds, not Words'. The main goal of all projects is that every participant can get new specific knowledge about some actual topics and improve skills which are important in life. Their projects try to break down prejudices and stereotypes by living and working together with people of different backgrounds. 



Begun in 1979, Genctur Turkey offers over thirty projects that range from a long-term project working at a center for disabled individuals, to a project for teens, creating a documentary film short on the topic of international understanding. 


 Concordia UK  offers workcamps throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Many of these opportunities involve volunteering with programs for children or disabled individuals during the summer, while other workcamps are based in environmental themes. If you'd like to do a project in the UK, be sure to allow time for the visa clearance process (5-8 weeks)!



Founded in 2004, SJ Vietnam is an independent branch of Solidarites Jeunesses France. Many of their programs involve working with children in small, local communities. On International Volunteer Day in 2011, SJ Vietnam was awarded recognition as one of the top ten volunteer organizations in Vietnam!