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Volunteers For Peace is a Vermont non-profit dedicated to international community service, promoting the positive benefits of volunteering, increasing cultural understanding and providing opportunities for individuals to build communication and leadership skills. All donations are applied 100% to the program they are targeted to. Click here to support the work of VFP.

VFP Program Support – Every year Volunteers For Peace works with non-profit and community based organizations to support about 40 projects around the United States. In 2012, 349 international volunteers donated more than 21,000 hours of service to local communities! Read about one of our U.S. programs here.  Your contribution provides a stipend for each volunteer, covers the cost of their insurance, provides a co-leader for each international group and allows us to support the local organization as they prepare for and implement the project.

Haiti Program Support – In the last two years Volunteers For Peace has sent almost 100 volunteers to Haiti. Read about our work in Haiti here! Our programs take place in rural communities and focus on creating sustainable gardens, cultural exchange, and supporting local initiatives. Our volunteers show the positive benefit of working together toward community goals and their presence is having a positive impact on local involvement.While the cost of living is low in Haiti the cost of running safe, effective projects is high. Your support helps us continue to support local leaders, to improve the lives of many in Haiti and to provide our volunteers an opportunity to learn, grow and appreciate life in a new way.

Scholarships  – Volunteers For Peace is dedicated to making our programs available to everyone who desires to serve. In 2012 we awarded 9 scholarships, each with a travel stipend. Click here to read inspiring stories from our recent scholarship winners! In addition to participating in an international project our scholarship recipients are required to help spread the word about VFP and international voluntary service when they return.

Clean Water for LaVallee– In 2011 Volunteers For Peace launched a program focused directly on the issue of clean water and hygiene in LaVallee, Haiti. Since then we have installed 41 Biosand water filters in 9 schools providing clean water for 3,500 children, trained 75 Community Health Promoters, and launched two Youth Clean Water clubs! In December we hired a full-time Director to oversee this program. Click here to read more! Donations to Clean Water for LaVallee go directly to running that program including purchasing Biosand water filters, providing materials and meals for trainings, and ensuring we meet our goal of installing Biosand filters in all 58 schools in the region.