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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome VFP Alumni!

Building connections and fostering community between returned volunteers, those preparing to travel and those interested in voluntary service is an integral part of our mission. Thank you to the thousands of alumni of Volunteers For Peace for your service and dedication to building peace and international understanding. Here are some ways you can stay connected and help international voluntary service and peace grow.

Friend Us on Facebook

You can stay in touch with hundreds of VFP Alumni and inspire others to volunteer by joining the VFP Group on Facebook. Link your Facebook webalbums and videos to the group to share your experience with VFP and invite your friends to like our page as well.

Volunteer Reports ~ Share Your Story

We will send you a special "VFP Build Peace t-shirt if you submit any report on your project experience within 30 days of your project's end. Please send VFP (email or post) a few paragraphs or more with your candid opinion about the experiences you had. Information about the work, accommodation, level of organization, and how you got along with the other volunteers are particularly interesting to us. There is no special form to complete. Any photographs, particularly of the volunteers working are welcome. We are grateful for whatever you can share about your experience and rely on these reports to evaluate our projects, prepare future volunteers, and keep our blog and testimonial pages fresh.

Photos & Video


Credit: C. Ressler ~ Tanzania 2008

All photos on our website and in our publications are taken by volunteers! Your photos/video/webalbums or blogs allow us to share the experience of international voluntary service with our members and future volunteers. You can link your video directly to the VFP YouTube Webpage or email us photos from your experiences. We will send you our special "VFP Build Peace" t-shirt as a thank you.

Join the VFP Alumni Reference List

Many prospective volunteers like to speak with or email someone who has done similar programs before, to get an idea of what to expect. Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a reference for prospective volunteers.This is an easy and important way to stay involved with VFP and encourage others to experience the benefits of international exchange and voluntary service.

Become a VFP Project Co-leader


VFP Co-leader Ruth Anderson pictured here with volunteers at the Jefferson Mint Festival in Oregon in 2008

Many of the projects we organize in the USA request we provide them with a camp co-leader. The responsibilities of this role vary depending on the needs of the host but often include working with all volunteers on open communication, helping build the work and cooking schedules, facilitating free-time activities, and acting as a liaison between the international volunteers and the community. As a Co-leader, you will enjoy the full voluntary service project experience while taking a more active role in the organization of a project within the United States. You will have an opportunity to practice communication and leadership skills, and it can be a great addition to a resume. Co-leaders must have participated in an international voluntary service project , be outgoing, enthusiastic people who are capable of providing fun, effective leadership. VFP does provide stipends and/or travel assistance to our co-leaders.To receive additional information on co-leading a project please contact us.

Become a Campus Representative

VFP is always eager to establish contacts with college faculty and students. As a volunteer you can help us by giving presentation about your experience to faculty members, student clubs and/or to your peers, hanging VFP posters and delivering our borchure, writing a short article for your school's paper on VFP and your experience, and much more. If you would like more information about representing VFP on your campus please contact us.

Donate to Volunteers For Peace

Many of us choose to donate financially to charities and causes we believe in. To support the mission and visition of Volunteers For Peace, and to help others participate in international voluntary service projects, we encourage you to consider making a donation to our organization.

 Become a Regional Advocate


Volunteer Ruth Anderson at the University of California ~ Davis International Fair

Regional Advocates are alumni who have shown great enthusiasm about Volunteers For Peace and International Voluntary Service Projects, and have the ability to attend local events and promote VFP and our mission. We are often invited to participate in College, Carreer, and Study Abroad fairs held around the country and rely on our local advocates to represent us. We provide all Regional Advocates with a free VFP shirt, our display and materials to share. Please contact us if you would be willing to represent VFP at events in your area.

Sign-up for the VFP E-Newsletter

If you haven't already please sign up for our e-newsletter right from our home page. This online publication includes new camps, information on VFP's latest projects, travel information and articles from our International Voluntary Service Network. It is a great way to stay connected and celebrate the accomplishments of VFP and all who volunteer.