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Thousands of Opportunities!

See the world, collaborate with local communities, and create global friendships.

Since 1982, VFP has exchanged more than 31,000 volunteers worldwide!

Volunteer Voices:



Let Servas Enrich Your VFP Volunteering and Other Travel Experiences

Let us bring to your attention how you can enrich your international travel and work while you are going "to and from" your VFP projects and other destinations......

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Before You’re Bound For Botswana, Advice from Carolyn…

I’m pleased to say that all goals were met! I became closer to both the local and international volunteers than I would have thought possible in the short weeks we shared. We did s...

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Face to Face With Wildlife in Botswana

For the first few days this work felt tangential to the actual wildlife conservation, but I learned that it’s all related to keeping the sanctuary up and running and protecting the...

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